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Congressman Gonzalez Stands for The Veterans’ Bill of Rights

August 22, 2017
Press Release
Congressman Moves Lightning Fast on Recently Updated Vets Bill of Rights One of The Very First in 115th Congress to Affirm New Veterans Initiative

WASHINGTON—Congressman Vicente Gonzalez (TX-15) announced today that The Circle of Friends for American Veterans honors his support for the Veterans’ Bill of Rights. With this affirmation, Congressman Vicente Gonzalez becomes one of the first Members of this Congress to affirm the recently updated 115th Congressional version of the Veterans’ Bill of Rights.

COFAV has asked that every Member of Congress affirm their support for the Veterans’ Bill of Rights. 124 Members of the current Congress have affirmed the Veterans' Bill of Rights.

"Our service members put their lives on the line to protect our freedom," Congressman Gonzalez said. "I am proud to support the Veterans’ Bill of Rights and will work to ensure that all veterans receive their benefits in a timely manner."

Congressman Gonzalez joins over 330 past and present Members of Congress who have affirmed previous editions of the document.  The Circle of Friends has asked that every Member of Congress affirm their support for the Veterans’ Bill of Rights.

The Veterans’ Bill of Rights highlights the major issues that our veterans face in 2017. The 115th Congressional version examines issues in the Department of Veterans’ Affairs that have delayed veterans access to benefits they earned.

Additionally, the Veterans' Bill of Rights expresses a determination by Members of Congress to provide broader and deeper services for millions of American Veterans through far stronger fiscal management practices within the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Reform of the VA would help millions of veterans, ultimately saving taxpayers.

The initiative calls for reforming the longtime dysfunction of the VA procurement services, calling for more frequent negotiations and the collection of far more money from insurance companies because of services provided to veterans by the VA.

“Congressman Gonzalez’s affirmation demonstrates he is a true champion for veterans as shown through his first term in Congress,” MAJ INF USAR Brian Hampton, President of COFAV said.

As a first term, Democratic Congressman, representing the South-Central Texas area, Congressman Gonzalez made his voice heard by affirming the Veterans’ Bill of Rights in the 115th Congress. His endorsement shows a commitment to ensuring the core of our nation, its veterans, are well looked after they return home.

The Congressman has vowed to reform and modernize the VA to ensure efficient and high-quality care for all veterans by: increasing mental health services, including treatment, counseling and support, for those suffering from PTSD and their families, as well as increasing support for military families.