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March 10, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Vicente Gonzalez (TX-15) announced that he helped secure more than $380 million with the passage of the COVID-19 relief package The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The package would provide approximately $380,708,022.26 million in federal COVID-19 relief funding to cities and counties throughout South Texas. These funds will be used to help these communities recover from the devastating effects that the pandemic has had on local economies and livelihoods.  
“These funds will help communities in South Texas create new jobs, re-open schools safely, deliver immediate relief to families, and contribute to the vaccination effort. This package is not just about recovery but the ability to build back better,” said Congressman Gonzalez. “I am proud to support the American Rescue Plan and bring much-needed aid to 15th District of Texas to help us recover from this public health and economic crisis.” 
Local and city leaders also voiced their support for the American Rescue Plan: 
“I congratulate Congress, especially the Rio Grande Valley delegation, for passing this major piece of legislation. I have watched our community valiantly fight the effects of this virus and I can say unequivocally that this relief package is necessary and welcome.” – Hidalgo County Judge Richard F. Cortez 
“The citizens of Brooks County are grateful for the commitment and dedication from Congressman Vicente Gonzalez. Thanks to his hard work on our behalf, we will be able to continue essential programs for our citizens and local businesses as well as ensure the safety and security of our community through the resources in the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. Again, thank you very much.” - Brooks County Judge Eric Ramos  
"We appreciate the Congressman Gonzalez’s commitment to procuring as much funding as possible for our communities especially in response to this pandemic. The American Rescue Plan gives communities like ours improved opportunities to spring back up after the losses and hardship we faced this past year. We look forward to our continued team work and collaboration to help the people and businesses of Jim Hogg County recover from this virus." - Jim Hogg County Judge Juan Carlos Guerra  
“We are extremely appreciative of Cong. Gonzalez, Cong. Cuellar and Cong. Vela for voting for the COVID-19 relief bill that will not only help struggling, Americans across the country and especially here in the Rio Grande Valley, but also, positively impact the municipalities hit hard economically by the effects of this global pandemic,” said McAllen Mayor Jim Darling. “They understand that as municipal governments, we were all struggling to provide services in new ways, implement new procedures and of course, losing revenue from so many things impacted. Being able to recoup that money will be a great shot in the arm for our community, which will help us all rebound. The immediate and direct deposit of funds will mean we can get back to providing the level of service and infrastructure that our residents expect from their municipal government.” - McAllen Mayor, Jim Darling  
“The City of Benavides, like many rural American cities, has been shaken by the pandemic which threatened the stability of our economic foundation. The funding from the American Rescue Plan secured by leaders like President Biden, Congressman Gonzalez and other legislators means that our post COVID-19 reality does not look so bleak. It helps the city’s budgetary gaps created by COVID-19 to be filled by ARP funds for a few years to come. “ - Deborah G. Garcia, Benavides City Secretary  
“On behalf of the City of Pharr and the Pharr City Commission, we applaud the efforts of our congressional delegation for passing the American Rescue Plan, which will benefit Pharr families and provide assistance where it's most needed - at the local level. With this investment of millions of dollars in direct funding, cities can finally focus on pandemic-specific needs and priorities. Our congressmen recognized that each city is unique especially along the Texas-Mexico border where the movement of trade and commerce remains a vital economic lifeline for our nation. We thank our representatives for their role in passing this monumental legislation.” - Dr. Ambrosio Hernandez, Mayor, City of Pharr 
“On behalf of the City of San Diego, Texas, I thank Congressman Gonzalez for supporting the American Rescue Package and securing much-needed federal funds that are going to provide significant relief for our community.”- San Diego Mayor, Sally Lichtenberger 
“The City of Freer would like to express their gratitude to Congressman Vicente Gonzalez and the legislators for the securement of funds to help our communities recover from the losses they have endured during this pandemic. The City of Freer is very excited about the possibility of helping our community. Freer’s main goal is to improve the infrastructure within our city. With that said, we are in need of major street improvements and we could offer better accommodations at our city park. Our city has gone without the things it needs due to the pandemic’s negative economic impact on our city and we look forward to seeing improvements come to our city!” - Freer Mayor, Arnold Cantu 
Allocations are a rough estimate. The list can be found below: 
·         Brooks County: $1,375,644.00 
·         Duval County: $2,163,831.00 
·         Hidalgo County: $212,702,648.00 
·         Jim Hogg County: $1,008,508.00 
Cities and Towns 
·         Alamo: $4,341,154.86 
·         Alton: $3,947,594.61 
·         Benavides: $306,562.72 
·         Donna: $3,562,320 
·         Edcouch: $722,362.94 
·         Edinburg: $25,965,974.00 
·         Elsa: $1,564,211.00 
·         Falfurrias: $1,049,203.27 
·         Freer: $581,291.76 
·         Granjeno: $68,682.26 
·         Hidalgo: $3,092,445.97 
·         La Villa: $625,771.69 
·         McAllen: $42,598,469.00 
·         Mercedes: $3,620,318.19 
·         Mission: $24,297,903.00 
·         Palmhurst: $595,682.00 
·         Pharr: $28,203,047.00 
·         San Diego: $920,342.27 
·         San Juan: $8,069,184.28 
·         Weslaco: $9,076,742.12