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Congressman Gonzalez Files Private Bill for Veteran Edgar Baltazar Garcia

May 1, 2019
Press Release
Private Bill Referred to House Committee on the Judiciary Congressman Gonzalez Plans to Speak to the Chairman of House Committee on the Judiciary regarding Edgar Baltazar Garcia’s situation and ask for relief

WASHINGTON – Congressman Vicente Gonzalez (TX-15) has introduced a private bill for veteran Edgar Baltazar Garcia, H.R. 2394.

The private bill would allow Edgar Baltazar Garcia to receive an immigration visa or adjustment of status to that of a person lawfully admitted for permanent residence upon filing an application for visa under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

“We are letting a paper application stand between veterans and the country that they served,” Congressman Gonzalez said. “When they enlisted, they were green card holders, and earned the right to citizenship under the law. We owe it to Edgar Baltazar Garcia, his wife, children and family. We owe it to deported veterans who stood in harm’s way to fight for us.”

“Nobody is excusing anyone for a crime, but if you comply with the criminal justice system you should not then be deported as well. Men and women like Edgar Baltazar Garcia know full well that freedom isn’t free – they’ve already paid the price. We must send a strong and clear message: we stand by our veterans at all times,” Congressman Gonzalez said.

The bill has been referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary where it awaits further review and consideration.