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EPA Moving Forward to Clean Up Valley Reservoir and Canal

October 3, 2018
In The News

DONNA, Texas - It's been a problem in the city of Donna for decades.

Water from the reservoirs and canals are contaminated. Now two local Congressmen say they have a plan to clean it all up.

For years area residents in Donna have heard about the warnings concerning contaminated fish and polluted waters in the reservoirs and canals.

Alex Valdez - resident says, "When they first started saying that the fish was contaminated and all that stuff they were saying that the water…you can't fish here."

Congressman Vicente Gonzalez says it was through years and decades of contamination which tainted the waters in Donna.

"The contaminations were cancer causing to humans and up until that time kids were swimming in that canal, or fishing, people were eating the food that they were catching."

While potential contaminated fish coming from this reservoir is nothing new for residents, what is new is Congressmen Vela and Gonzalez say the EPA is moving forward with a plan to clean it all up.

"We're hoping in the next year that work is done and some point down the future the canal returns to be a safe haven for families."

Gonzalez says the EPA has approved the cleanup plan but now the plan must be funded.  Contracting firms will now submit bids for the project. There are no exact cost estimates as yet but Congressman Gonzalez expects that number to be in the millions. Residents we spoke with today say it's about time.

"I would like to come out here with my family and my kids like we use to you know come out here just hangout for a little while kick back and enjoy the water." said resident Alex Valdez.

Congressmen Gonzalez and Vela say they are both committed to securing federal funding and infrastructure to improve the health and well being of the valley residents.